Proposed policy resolutions approved by delegates at the county annual meeting

View the resolutions below that were approved at the county annual and submitted to the state policy development committee to be considered at the Michigan Farm Bureau annual meeting. 

Contact the county office for information about the Policy Development process

068-Streamlining Michigan GovernmentWe believe that Governor Witmer has overstepped the limits of prudent caution by the issuance of so many executive orders addressing the Covid-19 crisis. We support the “Unlock Michigan” petition drive which is currently being circulated and urge our membership to sign and assist in the circulation thereof. We further support legislative efforts to limit the governor’s seemingly unlimited use of executive orders to circumvent the wishes of the state legislature.
044-State Energy Policy We believe that utilities providers have long ago negotiated exclusive contracts with townships and municipalities in areas which they had no real interest in serving, only to prevent possible competitors from gaining footholds in those areas. We believe that legislative action is justified to declare such contracts which have been in effect for over 20 years to be null and void. This would have the effect of opening these currently unserved areas to the possibility of expanded service by natural gas providers. As many or most of these areas are rural, this could make possible the availability of lower cost energy to many more farms and rural residences.
034-Tb •Mycobacterium Bovis TuberculosisThe Michigan DNR has established ambitious quotas for the collection of deer heads in each of the counties in and surrounding the TB surveillance area. To further those ends, we propose requiring heads from all deer taken under crop damage permits as well as those taken on private lands enrolled in the Hunter Access Program (HAP) to be submitted for testing.
096-Highways And FundingWe believe that the current road funding formula is seriously flawed. Funds to support mass transit should not comprise a set percentage of total gas taxes collected. Areas of the state which have no access to mass transit should not have to support an infrastructure to which they have no access.
096-Highways And FundingWe fully support the efforts of individual townships to raise funds for local roads through locally approved millage increases. Our county road commission does an outstanding job with the funds available to them, but the problem is far greater than those funds are able to address. Funds raised through local millage levies stay here and are spent here, with no deductions for state administration and/or oversight.
101-Safety On RoadwaysThe improper use of slow-moving vehicle signs poses a hazard to operators of such equipment. Motorists accustomed to seeing these signs used as driveway markers and on mailbox posts may not realize that they are overtaking a motor vehicle in time to take proper precautions, posing a serious hazard to both themselves and the slow-moving vehicle operator. The Cheboygan County Sheriff has in the past done an effective job of enforcement in regard to the misuse of these signs, but the problem is becoming much more common lately and needs to be addressed once more.